Sunday, 15 July 2012

Voltage at Birmingham Town Hall

Last night saw Voltage rock it on stage at Birmingham Town Hall, as part of the National Rock and Pop Festival. What a truly amazing experience! We had proper roadies, sound crew, and even groupies! The whole thing was filmed for a DVD, and we even had interviews backstage: a proper rock’n’roll evening.
  We were the seventh band to play, and when we got on stage you could see that the audience were looking a bit fed up. They saw us and thought ‘Oh, another little kids band. Great.’- but when we started playing we blew that room away! Hell ‘n’ Back went down a storm- the crowd loved it!
  Jack was energetic, bouncing around the stage. Iggy was the best guitarist of the evening. Ethan really stepped up, learning to play the bass line for Seven Nation Army in just six days (Ethan normally plays rhythm guitar, but volunteered to play bass because Tom couldn’t make the gig). I was surprised that my head stayed on my body with the amount of head-banging I did!
  While we were waiting round to play we watched the other bands. I really rated the Green Tambourines, Early Arrival and Soul Matters. We also got to hang out with some good-looking girls who were really into Voltage! Sick!
Voltage minus Tom
Jack  rocking the gig!

Iggy and Ethan
Me banging on drums with sticks!


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