Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Rehearsal

Everybody’s off doing their own thing during the school summer holidays and this makes it difficult for the band to get together, but today we met up for a rehearsal. This was the first time the entire band has got together for ages.
Voltage Rocks!
We were working on some material for a new song. Iggy brought us a sick new riff he has been working out- it’s dark and mean. Tom worked out a base line, which sounds awesome, and now I have got to work out the drums while Jack writes the lyrics. The song’s got an edgy, fast rock feel to it- lots of energy and pace. One run though and everyone in the room were tapping their feet to it- even my granddad! We’re going to get together in four weeks to try to finish it, and hopefully we can nail it before the end of the summer.

Iggy showing us his new riff
It was really fun working on a new song. It felt exciting to be part of the band while we created something completely new, and it gives us something to focus on, especially as we haven’t got any more gigs booked at the moment.

The most important part of any rehearsal is the tea break